3D Printing in Dentistry

There are so many applications for a dental 3D printer, including:

  • Crown and bridge models
  • Sequential Aligners and night guards
  • Surgical guides
  • Dental models including study models

These products are designed specifically for the patient and are made from a variety of different materials.

Dental Model Tan

Specifically designed to give the Dental market an appropriate stone alternative , Dental Model Tan offers an excellent surface finish that is highly precise and accurate. The product offers appropriate colours for shade matching and is ideal for both Crown and Bridge, and Aligner models. Dental Model Tan is  perfect go-to when you only want to stock one resin. This product is available for all printer technologies.

Dental Model Tan

For dentists who are new to 3D printing and would like to explore these applications, please contact us today on 0411483575.

Printing services

Dental Printing Services