Form2 Servicing

Formlabs Form2 printers should typically be serviced every 3 to 12 months, depending on the environment  where the printer is located. Printers in dusty environments such as dental labs require the most frequent servicing.

How do you know if your printer needs servicing?

Print quality degrades over time. If you notice that the quality is declining, you can check the resin tray as there may be factors hindering the optical path. If the resin tray is in good repair but the prints have a rough surface finish, layer lines, or are not as sharp as they once were, it is likely that the printer will need a service.

K-Lab Digital Solutions offer complete Form2 printer servicing by Formlabs trained technicians. Prices start at $350.00. 

When sending your printer to K-Lab for servicing, please place it within the original Formlabs packaging. If you no longer have the original box, email us for a list of packaging solutions from our preferred suppliers.

On-site servicing is also available, subject to availability. Contact us today for a free quote. Email to book your service.

Email to book your service