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The 3D Printer Resin And Support Specialists at K-Labs

What Is K-Lab?

Do we supply 3D printer resin? Are we a dental 3D printer service specialist? Are we a 3D dental printing consumable superstore? Do we offer support and service? Well, yes. But, we're also much more than that. We are a dynamic Australian business built on the principle that you shouldn't have to pay a premium for a quality product, and that you should receive a level of support and service to help you get the most from the K-Lab featured products.

The Problem with Dental Printing and 3D Printer Resin

It was late 2019 when Greg Baker, owner and director of K-Lab, recognised an opportunity in the dental industry for access to good quality 3D dental printing.

Currently, dental printing work can be expensive to perform, leaving dentists with little choice but to recoup the costs from their customers. Greg realised that, should this continue, people would forgo much needed dental care or dentists would avoid these new 3D printing technologies for older, cheaper methods of practicing dentistry.

Dental printing is a revolutionary technology that presents a game-changer for the dental industry. If you are lucky enough to visit your dentist and leave without needing any work, congratulations, you’re an expert flosser. If you’re like the rest of us, you may need a crown, a replacement tooth, sequential aligners, or potentially a set of dentures. 

The cost of these treatments can be prohibitively expensive for many, as well as being time consuming and labour intensive for the dentist and dental laboratory. Many of the mass-market dental products available, lack the personal customisation required for truly great dental results. 

Dental 3D printing allows technicians to create highly personalised products for their patients which can overcome many dental issues.

The equipment and consumables required in the manufacturing process however can be costly and many laboratories and dental surgeries do not receive the levels of support and service required to adequately and efficiently incorporate 3D printing into their workflows. 

The market is in danger of being monopolised and there is limited choice for the consumer, with dental technicians reliant on a few brands of 3D printer resin and 3D printers to work with. We don’t want you searching around for ‘Best resin 3D printer’ or ‘resin 3D printer amazon’, we want you to come to us, and receive not only a great product but a high quality support service for your dental 3D printing.

Our Solution to Your Dental Printing Woes

At K-Lab, we take a different approach to 3D printing for dental purposes and general 3D printer consumables. Formlabs, a market-leading 3D printer brand, has become synonymous with 3D printer resin excellence, but it comes with a premium price tag. Greg, our dental printing expert, after much research and successful testing, has found a 3D printer resin that performs as well as, if not better than, the Formlabs equivalent without the exuberant cost. You can read some user Formlab vs Apply Lab Work comparisons on the Formlabs forum.

Apply Lab Work 3D printer resin comes in a variety of colours and is compatible with all major types of 3D printer, including Laser, DLP and MSLA. You can carry on using your Asiga 3D printer, for example, but you can now swap your Formlabs 3D printer resin for an Apply Lab Work equivalent. This will not only save you money while giving you a comparably high quality result, but you will also have the local service and support offered by our K-Lab dental technicians.

We were founded on the belief that advancements in technology should make treatments easier and more affordable for the end user, and we work tirelessly to find great quality products for an affordable price. 

Service and support can be a major issue in 3D dental printing. We firmly believe that our expert knowledge in designing and developing workflows, as well as our hands-on, practical experience in using 3D printers to develop dental equipment, places us at the top of a very limited group of service providers. We are able to maximise your income and minimise your expenditure, while giving your complete peace of mind.

Who Is Greg Baker And How Does He Know So Much About 3D Dental Printing?

Greg Baker is a highly qualified and experienced dental technician who lives and works in Queensland, Australia. He graduated from the Southbank Institute of Technology and worked in a number of laboratories throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast, specialising in digital dentistry. Greg is a technology enthusiast and has extensive practical experience in 3D printing and milling, and is an expert on designing and developing highly accurate and personalised dental products for labs and dental surgeries. 

Greg is trained in Exocad technical support, travelled to the Formlabs head office in Boston to receive technical training on Formlabs printing products, as well as training in repair and servicing. He also has a background in education, enabling him to deliver training and support to dental labs or surgeries who are looking to start or improve their dental 3D printing work

Greg runs K-Lab with a very simple philosophy:

‘I want to provide products and services that ultimately save people time and money and show other professionals in the industry, whether new or experienced, how to get the best possible results out of their equipment for the lowest cost. I want to offer support and guidance on getting the most from this technology to ultimately benefit everybody involved, from technicians and dentists through to patients.

‘You don’t put Toyota petrol in your Toyota car, so why should you be confined to one type of printer resin or one type of 3D printer when you’re performing dental printing? You should have a choice. You should feel comfortable knowing that whatever choice you make you have someone ready to guide you towards the right path and support any issues you might have. That’s what we do.’

The Future of K-Lab and Dental 3D Printing

3D dental printing is an industry set to grow. We’re already able to print a variety of high-quality pieces of dental technology using 3D printer and 3D printer resins, and the demand for high-quality, low-cost printing is only going to increase. At K-Lab we’re constantly improving and refining our techniques and the materials we use to ensure we always offer the best in consumables and printing service and support to our clients.

We are  also planning for milling and burring of pre-cast milling pucks to become part of the future offerings at K-Lab, allowing us to provide end-user services through a variety of innovative techniques.  (This is happening now. )

So, whether you’re looking for a printer service, a review of your processes and efficiency improvements, training, service and support, a custom print job, or you simply want to try out our Formlabs, Asiga, Sprintray or other  alternative 3D printer resin, you can rely on Greg and K-Lab to help you out.