Dental Cost Analysis

K-Lab's resin solution makes great financial sense by costing significantly less than the manufacturers price per unit.

At $130 (+ GST / shipping) the following is an estimate of what cost savings can be had in a dental lab or surgery:

Aligner model:

Resin used (average model with some wastage)     17ml  =  58 models per litre

Manufactures resin:                                                   $275 =  $4.70 per model

K-lab's Apply Lab work resin:                                   $143 = $2.47 per model

On a 20 model aligner case this represents a saving of $40.60


Crown and bridge models:

Solid quadrant upper and lower with articulator pins:

Resin used (average size with some waste):       33ml = 30 model (sets) per litre

Manufactures resin:                                              $275 = $9.17 per model set

K-Lab's Apply Lab Work resin:                            $143 = $4.76 per model set

Please note that these costs are to be used as an example on they do not include electricity, IPA, labour or freight and of course model sizes can vary dramatically.