Laser Grey Printing tips

Modeling – Gray   (MD‐R001GY) 
Check:  VAT and bottom optical window is  clean   PDMS or film‐coated elastic layer is  free of defect 

 Shake resin bottle well before pouring   Do Not overfill VAT’s maximum resin  line  Set Printer to Open Mode: Printer must be at idle 1. Tap touchscreen Printer ” icon, open “Settings” menu 2. Select Open Mode 3. Select On

Best printing achieved when the resin is above 25DegC.  The resin can be warmed by leaving the printer in closed mode and allowing the resin to be warmed before selecting open mode and printing.

PreForm: Select Printer: Form2 or Form1+

Print Setup: Material Select: Grey and V4(FLGPGR04) or Grey and V3(FLGPGR03) Layer Thickness Select: 0.1, 0.05 or 0.025 Click: Apply Load 3D model

After print is loaded, double check support and orientation is optimal before print

Washing Submerge print in clean IPA for up to 5 minutes, gently shake-off / blow-off excess IPA, set print in a shaded airy place to dry before curing. (extended period in IPA causes deformation)

Dried print might be a little tacky to touch

Curing Post-curing required for optimal material performance: Light wavelength: 405nm Total light energy per unit area required on the print: 684,000mJ/cm2

Example: Light power on the print = 40mW/cm2, (higher power per unit area shortens curing time) 648,000mJ / 40mW / 60sec = 270 minutes of curing time.

Controlled curing chamber temperature between: 30~40° C / 86~104°F

Storage Leftover resin may be left in the VAT for next print job without cleaning, no more than 1 month for general VAT, no more than 2 months for LT VAT

Filter out all debris in the case of fail print Cover VAT lid and store in cool temp (15~26°C/59~79°F), dry and keep away